AGILE software development process designed for remote cooperations

We use Agile-focused delivery to create high-performing solutions

We follow battle-tested Agile frameworks like Scrum or Kanban to deliver high-performing solutions that bring real business value to our clients. We combine just the right amount of digital strategy and consulting, UX design, development & technology utilizing a blended Agile Project Management practices that have been refined over decades of experience. With a dedicated Project Manager, you get an eCommerce quarterback who will work tirelessly for your success.

At 2MD, we believe delivery works best when we have a true partnership with our clients. We do this by requesting that a client representative (Product Owner) is nominated to join the delivery team and work in tandem with us. This allows you, as the client, to experience the delivery process first hand and gives you comfort that we’re focusing on the right things.

We follow Agile frameworks like Scrum and lean software development to deliver high-performing solutions that bring real business value to our clients. Agile Project Management practices support our teams in their constant striving for quality.

Teaming up with an Agile software development team is a smart move. Why? Because Agile methods bring fantastic results. Almost 1 in 4 of the highest performing companies completed projects with Agile or hybrid approaches. (Project Management Institute, 2018).

Our process

Well thought discovery path and execution

1. Initiating

This is the process of identifying how we can grow your company business. We develop a business case centered around ROI and a broad project plan to execute against those goals.

2. Planning

Planning is a mobile-first process of laying out the scope, establishing approach, process, standards, schedule, and budget for how we'll achieve the business case developed in Initiating.

3. Executing

Executing is the process of "doing". The goal of Executing is to create and deliver the product outlined in the Planning phases Production Plan. Additionally: QA, QC, validating User Stories, executing regression tests, raising defects.

4. Controlling + Monitoring

Controlling and Monitoring is done in parallel with Executing. This is the process of managing scope, schedule, and budget as outlined in Planning.

5. Launch

The launch is all about pushing the work done in Executing to another environment (staging, live, or both).

6. Post Launch Support

Services include website edits and updates, new feature Support, Extension Installation and/or Custom Programming, software & extension update maintenance, Digital Marketing Support (SEO & SEM, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Retargeting & Display, Social Media advertising), Analytics and Digital Advertising ROAS & Conversion Tracking.

This is important for us

Benefits of Agile work organization

High-Quality solutions

Development results at a qualitatively high level with maximum business value in complex projects


To make technology your competitive advantage

Visible project progress

Short development cycles (sprints) with functional software elements in every cycle

Project planning & control

Scope, timeline, milestones, priorities, estimation, reporting, professional project management

Standards & processes

Code Coverage, Quality Gates, Git Flow

Testing Levels | QA

Unit, integration, system and end-to-end testing

Automated tests

For the most important parts of business logic

Code quality + Code reviews

SOLID, Code Style, Version Control

Cloud solutions

Scalable servers set up on AWS


Iterations give us the flexibility to easily adapt to change and incorporate new ideas into the development plan


Customers as part of the project team, clarity concerning status quo, planning and controlling of the project


Daily coordination and feedback between dev team and customer

Lean Processes

Few rules and little bureaucracy as well as lean documentation

Short Time-to-Market

Rapid implementation of the solution through peak efficiency and agile methods

High Success Rate

Proven higher success probability of agile projects. Massively reduced risk of project failure

We make digital experiences that have lasting impact

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