We’re a local team based in Wroclaw, Poland but with a global mindset and reach.

Meet our team

The Secret of Technological Advantage? Excellent Team!

We’re a team of makers, thinkers, explorers, and enthusiasts of IT technology. We approach work and play with curiosity and passion, using specializing knowledge & experience to create meaningful digital products that connect with people, just like you.

Our main strength is the combination of flexibility with the excellent organization of teams and processes, achieved through the use of the best management and communication practices. We value professionals who: are up to date with the constantly changing world of technology, willingly share their knowledge and build long-term strong relationships.

Our recipe for success and the technological advantage? People first! What we’re very proud of is our 2MD Team.


Meet 2MD Team Leads

Marcin Michniewicz

The boss of all bosses. The master level of the website development of lead-gen and e-commerce solutions based on various platforms - Magento, AspDotNetStorefront, Kentico, Custom CMS... and much more!

Marcin Michniewicz


Milosz Marcinkowski

Milosz Marcinkowski is a backend developer driven by his passion for web technology. His attention to the details and experience in the field let him create the most reliable services. In the meantime, he loves to get on the bicycle or spent time in the garage.

Miłosz Marcinkowski

Back End Developer

Kamil Wisniowski

Hi, I'm a hard and lucky BED programmer with a soft spot for FED and also lovely Apple fanboy. The best thing I do and the source of my pain is debugging applications from top to bottom. As for my the greatest weakness as I know is the food.

Kamil Wiśniowski

Back End Developer

Krzysztof Siciński

Christopher loves to make things: when not programming he travels and tries new things.

Krzysztof Siciński

Back End Developer

Mykola Krusser

Front-end web developer, he likes to cooperate with the team. He is passionate about learning and getting to know new techs and skills. A fun-loving person finding happiness around.

Mykola Krusser

Front End Developer

Pawel Zaic

Front-end developer who is addicted to coffee. Keen to learn about new technologies and how to optimize things. Loves pizza, could eat it every day. In free time likes cycling and playing volleyball.

Paweł Zaic

Front End Developer

Anna Binek

No blocks. No lates. No issues. Here is my favorite saying for every working day ;)

Anna Binek-Jaros

Project Manager

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